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Westcan Personnel fees are very competitive versus other Nanny Agencies in Canada. In every case our fees are equal to or lower than our competitors, and our service levels are much higher.

We do not charge an initial search fee. Our IT systems allow us to manage and establish new customer relationships efficiently. It seems very strange to us that many other Agencies seem to think its ok to charge you money to show you a small handful of Nanny files.

The Agency Fee of $1,895 is for the services we provide you up to the time the Caregiver lands in Canada and then for additional support and guidance afterward. It includes the retainer fees we pay to an accredited registered ICCRC Immigration Consultant on your behalf. Depending on the province where the Caregiver is being placed GST, PST, or HST is extra to the above.

The Placement Fee is split in to two payments.  The first payment of $ 1,250 is due when you have completed the Caregiver selection process and there has been a successful acceptance of an offer of employment.  The first payment includes a $700 retainer fee we pay on your behalf to our ICCRC licensed Immigration consultant for representation and advice on your application.  The second payment of $ 645 is due when the LMIA has been approved.  The above fees do not include the $1,000 LMIA fee payable directly to the Government of Canada by the Client.   We think its very strange that some Agencies charge 100% of their fees up front.

Westcan Personell  offers THE BEST SERVICE and BEST GUARANTEES of any Caregiver Agency in Canada.  We are the only Caregiver Agency that gives clients all of the following:


  • A full 12 month complete replacement guarantee ( an additional Immigration Consultant fee is required )
  • Best screening processes – no internet based hires
  • Lowest Nanny / Caregiver / Au Pair Agency Fee in Canada
  • Price Match guarantee on our Agency Services
  • Negotiated group discounts on Nanny Payroll and Tax packages – saving our clients money
  • A guarantee of air fare at no cost if a second Caregiver is needed within the 12 month guarantee period
  • The best advice available – Priceless
  • Our extensive overseas contacts consistently supply us with the best Candidates available – Priceless
  • Best service framework in Canada – 7 day a week Office Hours
  • We arrange lower cost wholesale direct Nanny Air Fares –saving our clients money
  • We are the first and only Caregiver Agency in Canada that has a published Ethical, Environmental, and Social Responsibility frame.
  • We are Carbon Neutral as a company in all aspects of our business via purchased Carbon Offsets from The Carbon Farmer.

Additional immigration services provided by a Registered Immigration Consultant can be provided at additional cost. That would include service such as Re-entry Visas, or Work Permit Renewals or Extensions.

As an employer you are responsible to pay your Caregiver the applicable Provincial Median Wage or higher. Under the Federal Caregiver Program you are no longer able to deduct room and board charges from your Caregiver wages if they work as a Live In Caregiver versus a Live Out Caregiver. You are responsible to pay overtime at the rate for your Province. You are responsible for the employer share of CPP and EI. You may be responsible for providing your Caregiver with Provincial Health Care depending on the province you live in.

In addition to the responsibilities listed above under the heading What does a Nanny Cost ? the employer is responsible for the cost of the Air Plane Ticket for the Caregiver to come to their final destination in Canada ( but not the return Air Plane Ticket ). The employer is responsible to meet the Caregiver at the Airport when they arrive in Canada. The employer is responsible to withhold CPP, EI, and Tax as needed and to remit the Employer Employee source deductions. You will need to assist your Caregiver to immediately apply for a provincial Health Care Number and Social Insurance Number. We suggest you help your Caregiver to set up a bank account at the same bank you use to make it convenient for you to deposit your Nanny’s employee wages. Once you decide to proceed we supply you with an Employer Handbook that details your responsibilities with helpful guides, web links, and suggestions to make this part of the process as easy and organized as possible.

We can confidently assure you that the work to bring a Caregiver to Canada under the Federal Caregiver Program is much more complicated and time consuming than it initially appears to be. Any errors in the paperwork will delay the approval of your Caregiver application. If the Labor Market Impact Assessment is not approved your application to bring a Caregiver in to Canada cannot proceed ( the $1000 LIMA government application fee is non refundable ). A second LMIA application requires the payment of a second $1,000 fee ie mistakes can be very expensive

Westcan Personnel is the best Nanny and Caregiver Agency in Canada. We take all the risk out of bringing a Caregiver in to Canada with our unmatched “Best in Canada” Guarantee. We offer the best level of service of any Agency in Canada. Westcan Personnel and its affiliated companies Calgary Nannies Unlimited, Calgary Nannies (1970) Inc. have served Canadian families for more than 40 years. Westcan Personnel specializes in the placement of qualified, experienced Caregivers as Nannies, Senior Caregivers, and Special Needs Caregivers under the Federal Caregiver Program. We have helped many thousands of families in every province in Canada over the years. Our great wealth of experience is what allows us to give you the best advice for your unique family situation.

Our Managing Director travels to Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and Mexico several times a year to carefully interview and screen the best Caregivers in the world. Our screening process ensures that your qualified, trained, and enthusiastic Caregiver or Nanny is the best fit possible for your family. Your Caregiver will be someone who wants specifically to come to Canada and possibly become a permanent resident at some point in the future. Our network of contacts around the world recruit Nannies / Caregivers for their own clients. We benefit from their detailed knowledge of the actual performance history of those Nannies and Caregivers. That means we know their employer references are accurate, complete, and honest. We do not recruit any Nanny or Caregiver candidates via the internet.

We can place a Caregiver with you who has an International Driver’s License, if this is required. Please keep in mind they will need to change this to a Canadian Driver’s License within 3 months. Winter driving in Canada is very different from driving conditions in some other parts of the world. The Caregiver may need some additional instruction for driving in snow and on ice. You will need to make sure you are comfortable with the driving skills of your Caregiver before allowing your Nanny to drive your children around.

  • We have the best guarantee of any Caregiver Agency in Canada.
  • Our guarantee is unmatched by other Caregiver Agencies in terms of how it reduces risk for our clients.
  • We have a 12 month replacement guarantee on our overseas placements.
  • If your Caregiver is replaced within the first 12 months of arrival we charge you no additional placement fees ( a second Immigration Consultant retainer fee will still apply )
  • A full guarantee of air fare if a 2nd Caregiver is needed within the 12 month guarantee period
  • Our guarantee is null and void if the reason the Caregiver has left is related to illegal acts, verbal, physical, mental abuse, or failure to pay employee wages promptly and according to provincial regulations.

We provide you with a detailed Performance Management document to review and confirm key duties and activities with your Caregiver in terms of important daily routines, activities, household task expectations, dietary restrictions, medical reminders, parenting approach, household routines, emergency contacts, numbers etc. This detailed orientation helps to ensure the Caregivers gets off to a good start by understanding what you expect from them. We provide you with templates to follow for reviewing performance expectations after 2 weeks, 60 days, and 6 months.

We can assist in providing coaching on how to address any questions or concerns you might have with how your Caregiver is doing. We are a wealth of knowledge and can assist you on a wide variety of topics such as labor standards, managing cultural differences, dealing with occasional employee discipline questions, important tax deadlines, and immigration processes your Caregiver will be dealing with.

The purpose of The Government of Canada’s department of Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada Caregiver Programs as contained in the Immigration & Refugee Protection Regulations and Immigration & Refugee Protection Act and various Interpretation Bulletins is to meet a labor market shortage of Caregivers in Canada. There have been many versions of the program over the years, and regular change in the program is likely to continue. The Caregiver Programs allow qualified workers to come to Canada to provide in home child care, senior home support and / or care of the disabled or to work in an institution that provides medical care in certain specific occupations ( National Occupational Classification codes NOC 4411 and NOC 4412 ).

The Caregiver programs provide a pathway for certain individuals to eventually become permanent residents of Canada. The Caregiver Programs allow an applicant to apply to become a permanent resident after being employed full time as a Caregiver for at least 24 months or a total of at least 3,900 hours in a minimum of 22 months within the four years following their arrival in to Canada under the Caregiver Program.

The requirements of the Caregiver Programs make the process of a Caregiver coming to Canada very complicated and any errors in the application process ( however small ) can create long delays. One of the steps is to obtain a positive LMIA ( Labor Market Impact Assessment ) to demonstrate that there are no local suitable candidates for the position. If the Labor Market Impact Assessment isn’ t approved your application to bring a Caregiver in to Canada cannot proceed ( the $1000 LIMA government application fee you paid is non refundable ). It’s one of the reasons going with a Nanny agency makes the most sense versus trying to go it alone.

Here are some important links to Federal and Provincial Government information:

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