Frequently Asked Questions About our Au Pair Services

Why should I use Westcan Personnel as my au pair agency?
We have been placing au pairs in Canada since the 1980’s. Our au pair placement service is unmatched by any other service provider and we offer the best Iron Clad guarantee of any agency in Canada. We have an extensive network of agencies throughout the UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand that work with us to offer you a large pool of excellent au pair candidates from which to choose.

How long does it take for my Au Pair to arrive?
The process of bringing an au pair to Canada typically takes 4 to 16 weeks. It can be quicker than 4 weeks in some circumstances.

Why would I choose an au pair instead of a nanny or caregiver?
Individual family circumstances and requirements are as different as individual families. As Canada’s best nanny and au pair agency we have much experience in working with families to identify the most suitable option for them.

What country is my Au Pair likely to come from?
Westcan Personnel places au pairs primarily from the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, and New Zealand.

What is the Westcan Personnel service fee?
Our au pair service fee is $935. This includes the best Ironclad Guarantee of any agency in Canada. It also includes a complete payroll / tax service at no additional charge.

Our overall value (fee vs. service) is unmatched in Canada. Some Au Pair agencies charge more than twice as much and provide a much lower quality of service. We have never thought it appropriate to overcharge clients who place their trust in us to deliver value and quality.

What will my au pair salary expense be?
The law requires you to pay your au pair at or above the minimum wage in your province. You will need to withhold and remit CPP and taxes, as well as the employer share of CPP. You are not responsible for your au pair’s travel air flights to Canada, Visa expenses or travel medical insurance. You can deduct room and board from wages (the maximum amount for this varies by province). It is also standard practice to pay au pairs a Completion Bonus at the end of their time with your family ($350 for a 9-month placement and $600 for a 12-month placement).

How many hours a week will my Au Pair work?
Au Pairs generally work between 25 – 40 hours a week. The hours worked per week can be altered according to your needs and the au pair’s wishes. An au pair may not want to work a set 40-hour week in the same way a nanny / caregiver would.

What do I need to provide my Au Pair in terms of living arrangements?
The host family is required to provide a lockable, private bedroom. Beyond that, nice touches could be anything from a phone for local calls, to a TV with cable. You aren’t responsible for providing your au pair with a vehicle.

Normally, au pairs join in as a short-term near family member so expect them to spend much of their free time sharing your family common areas. Your children may introduce the au pair to others as their “new big sister.”

Will my Au Pair be able to travel with my family if we go on vacation?
The most likely answer is yes. If a Visa is required by the country you plan to visit, your au pair will need to obtain this to travel with you. Keep in mind that your au pair may require a different travel Visa or authorizations than you do. You can confirm the Visa requirements for your au pair by contacting the embassy, high commission, or consulate of the country you plan to visit.

It’s best not to assume anything. It’s a pain to drive the family on vacation to the US border only to find out that your Au Pair can’t travel with you because of a Visa issue.

What is the Replacement Guarantee for my Au Pair?
Westcan Personnel has the best replacement guarantee of any agency in Canada. If the au pair or the client terminates the placement within six months of commencing employment, the client can select a new au pair with no additional au pair program fees due. An administration fee of $450 will be due and payable once the replacement au pair and the client sign the employment agreement, and the au pair commits to travelling to Canada. Our guarantee is null and void if the reason the au pair left is related to illegal acts, verbal, physical, mental abuse, or failure to pay employee wages promptly and according to provincial regulations.

How do I get started?
The best way to get started is to call us today at 1-833-NANNY4U (1-833-626-6948) or to contact us at The work completed up until the au pair accepts your Offer of Employment comes at no charge to you. You will need to complete the Family Registration form and the Reference form. We will also need you to obtain a Police Records Check (PRC) for each adult living in your home. This is required by the International Au Pair Association (IAPA) and is designed to ensure a safe working environment for all Au Pairs. We would be thrilled to begin finding you a fantastic, enthusiastic, energized au pair for your family.

If you have any more questions about our Au Pair Services, please call our expert team at any time at 1-833-NANNY4U (1-833-626-6948).