Au Pair Child Care Services

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Westcan Personnel have been placing au pairs in Canada since the 1980’s. Our au pair placement services are the best in Canada and remain unmatched by other providers. Over the years, Westcan Personnel have assisted thousands of families find au pairs in provinces and cities across Canada including: Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Toronto and Vancouver.

What is an Au Pair?

An Au Pair is usually a younger woman who is employed on a short-term basis as a live-in child caregiver. Au pairs come to Canada to experience life in another county, learn another culture and to combine working and vacationing during their Working Vacation Visa.

The Au Pair may be on their gap year before beginning or during their university studies. Au pairs are usually very interested in a cultural exchange and look forward to sharing language, food, and ideas with their host family. The security and safety of living with a Canadian family is a big part of the au pair’s decision to come to Canada on their own.

Why Hire an Au Pair?

There are many situations where an au pair is a better option than a nanny. We are very pleased to say we have had many clients over the years who began with an au pair and then decided to go with a more permanent nanny option.

Au pairs are an excellent option for families who require before and after school care, teachers who only need care 10 months or less of the year as well as those who require part-time help.

An au pair placement is ideal where there is a need for affordable or flexible child care and where a simpler procedure and shorter-term placement works better for you.

How is an Au Pair different from a Nanny/Caregiver?

Au PairNanny / Caregiver
Usually aged between 18 – 29Typically older, aged between 20 – 40
Must have some child care experience outside their family via babysitting or daycare/preschoolMore experienced with a minimum of at least 2 years’ experience and references
No Labor Market Impact Assesment ( LMIA ) requiredLabor Market Impact Assesment is required ( $1,000 fee )
Typical placement lasts 9 – 12 monthsLonger term placements lasting up to 2 years
Must be paid Provincial minimum wage or higherMust be paid Provincial median wage or higher
Employers can deduct room and board expense from wagesEmployer cannot deduct room and board expense from wages
Always a live-in arrangementCan be live-in or live-out but the program default is for live-out
Quicker placement – a few weeksLonger placement process – 6 months or more
Au Pair is responsible for cost of flight to CanadaEmployer is responsible for flight to Canada ( but not return leg )
Au Pair is responsible for Travel Medical insuranceEmployer is responsible for health care coverage
Au Pair pays at own expense to be allowed in on a Working Vacation VisaEmployer pays $1,000 LMIA fee
Employer must pay worker’s compensationEmployer must pay worker’s compensation
Employer needs to open a payroll account with the Government of Canada to deduct and remit CPP, EI, and withholding taxesEmployer needs to open a payroll account with the Government of Canada to deduct and remit CPP, EI, and withholding taxes
Require police clearances / background checkRequire police clearances / background check
Often a Gap Year student from Europe seeking experience another country’s cultureUsually a Caregiver has a goal of obtaining permanent resident status after working several years in Canada
In Europe, au pairs are seen as a part of the family (temporary elder sister) rather than being solely an employeeNannies are often highly motivated to come to Canada and stay with one family
The au pair will screen your family very carefully before deciding who to work for in Canada (they can go anywhere in the world)

Please call us any time at   1-833-NANNY4U ( 1-833-626-6948 ) to learn more about our Au Pair child care service

What Westcan Personnel’s Au Pair Nanny Services Can Do for You:

  • Provide a comprehensive evaluation service to assess your family dynamic, childcare needs, and suitability for the au Pair option
  • Draw from an extensive network of au pair agencies in the UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand; giving you a large pool of potential au pairs from which to choose.
  • Screen all au pairs to ensure that their work experience, childcare experience, education, health exams and police background checks are accurate and complete.
  • Assist you through the selection process including Skype calls, interviews, etc. to ensure you don’t make a bad choice that could create problems for your children, family happiness and family harmony.
  • Prepare the employment contract between you and the au pair.
  • Assist with any required government paperwork.
  • Supply you with a comprehensive and detailed Au Pair Handbook to help you to orient your au pair to your family and household.
  • Unlimited follow-up advice, phone calls, guidance, and suggestions. You can contact us at any time once your au pair is in Canada and part of your family.
  • Save you money by arranging negotiated group discounts on nanny payroll and tax packages.
  • We fully guarantee our placement fee and will assist you with a second Au Pair at no charge if the Au Pair does not complete the agreed-upon placement term.

Please call us any time at 1-833-NANNY4U (1-833-626-6948) to learn more about our Au Pair Services.