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Why hire Westcan Personnel as your Agency ?

Westcan Personnel specializes in the placement of qualified, experienced Caregivers as Nannies, Au Pairs, Senior Caregivers, and Special Needs Caregivers under the Federal Caregiver Programs. Westcan Personnel and its predecessor companies Calgary Nannies Unlimited, and Calgary Nannies (1970) Inc. have served Canadian families for more than 40 years. We have helped many thousands of families in every province in Canada over the years. Our great wealth of experience is what allows us to give you the best advice for your unique family situation.


We are the only Caregiver Agency in Canada that provides clients with all of the following:

  • A full 12 month complete replacement guarantee
  • Best screening processes – no internet based hires
  • Lowest Nanny / Caregiver / Au Pair Agency Fee in Canada
  • Price Match guarantee on our Agency Services
  • Negotiated group discounts on Nanny Payroll and Tax packages – saving our clients’ money
  • A guarantee of air fare at no cost if a second Caregiver is needed within the 12 month guarantee period
  • The best advice available – Priceless
  • Our extensive overseas contacts consistently supply us with the best Candidates available – Priceless
  • Best service framework in Canada – 7 day a week Office Hours
  • We arrange lower cost wholesale direct Nanny Air Fares –saving our clients money
  • We are the first and only Caregiver Agency in Canada that has a published Ethical, Environmental, and Social Responsibility frame.
  • We are Carbon Neutral as a company in all aspects of our business via purchased Carbon Offsets from The Carbon Farmer.

Westcan Personnel has access to the largest database of experienced, qualified, trained high quality Caregivers available in Canada because of our extensive contacts in Asia and Europe. We are confident that we have the best pool of talented Caregivers for our clients to choose from.


Welcome to the Westcan Personnel Ltd site. It’s fantastic that you are here.

We truly look forward to helping you with your requirements for a Nanny, Au Pair, or Caregiver.

Here is some of my background information. I came to Canada from England in 1970. When I began to look for a Nanny for my two young school age boys I wasn’t able to find any trained Nannies, Nanny training Colleges, or Nanny Agencies in Canada. I wasn’t very thrilled with the background and training of what where allegedly experienced children’s Caregivers.

While working in an office I became aware of the difficulties parents faced related to a sick child, shift patterns, etc. Having researched Canadian options, I mentioned availability of trained, qualified UK Nannies and my ability to bring Nannies to Canada from overseas. Without creating a serious business plan I had launched a business overnight, Nannies Unlimited! We transferred to BC and thereafter Alberta, with the same results.

I partnered with Linda Davey in Calgary in 1988. We were a successful team for more than 25 years. Calgary Nannies and its affiliated companies was the largest Nanny Agency in Western Canada for decades. We placed Nannies in every province in Canada as our long term, loyal Calgary clients spread out over time. A critical illness forced Linda Davey to retire, ending our long collaboration.

Over the years, I have assisted Corporate and Industry Groups, lobbied and provided industry feedback to Federal Cabinet Ministers, provided Immigration Stakeholder input, assisted in the creation of Caregiver training programs in other countries, and lead Industry Associations.

I continue to find running a Nanny and Caregiver Agency a rewarding and enjoyable career. I would like to thank you for your interest in Westcan Personnel, and welcome you to our website.

Please give us a call any time. We would love to speak with you about your family’s needs.

Kindest Regards,
Khathey Simmons ( Brown )
Managing Director / Founder

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What Our Clients Say About Us
I would strongly recommend anyone to call Westcan Personnel and speak with them about your needs.   Our Nanny has turned out to be great.   I’d be happy to speak with anyone about our fantastic experience with Westcan.
Gina L.
We were very pleased with the work that Westcan Personnel did for us on the LMIA paperwork to bring in our new Nanny.   The office staff were very professional and knowledgeable and the paperwork was completed very swiftly.   We were able to focus on other things in our busy life knowing that Westcan was taking care of everything.
Bob and Nancy J.
Thank you so much for all your help, I was not prepared for the stress involved with new born twins and a 2-year-old. Our Nanny arrived and it’s sanity again! Quin is no longer as jealous of the twins as our Nanny’s help allows me one on one time with Quin. Thanks for your guidance towards her file. Our Nanny’s organisational skills and personality are exceptional. We are so very grateful for the time you spent guiding us through the process.
Lisbeth and family.
Wow our 6th Nanny!  Our Nanny is exceptional, and great with both the youngsters and our teenager.  When we arrive home, Brianna has completed her homework and is outside playing with Lucy and the youngsters.  Lucy often helps Nathanial and Noreen with their reading and writing skills or does arts and crafts with them after school.  Lucy is a great Nanny and has helped our children adjust to changing provinces as it was a big move.  We’re adjusting to life here in Ontario and getting nicely settled in.
Lea and Roger P.
Our Nanny is literally perfection. As a single parent with two rowdy children, my life is not as chaotic as it was before our Nanny was in place. With her quiet disposition, my children are calmer and willingly tackle their homework! My parents are grandparents again, and no longer assisting with my home and children.  When I arrive home, for a couple of hours I am just Dad with time for sports, play and fun.  With your help, I know I am in safe hands.
Jim and family.

Thank you for your help in getting Jubylyn in to our home. She is a real help with our 4 children and she’s also a fantastic cook and cleaner.  We are finding her to be a kind, caring, funny, warm human being.   We want to thank you for finding us a super Nanny.  

Donna K.
Westcan Personnel really helped us and we couldn’t be happier.   We found they really took the time to understand our needs and were very patient and answered all our questions.   They explained the complete procedure from start to finish.  It was very helpful in reducing our stress to know what to expect.  Westcan made the experience of bringing in a Nanny pleasant, enjoyable, and smooth.
James and Carol F.
We found the service from Westcan Personnel Ltd to be really super.  Our new Nanny is working out really well.  She is very conscientious and hard working.  The kids have really started to bond to her and they really like her.   Thanks so very much again.
Karen B.
We are so happy we decided to select a Live-in Caregiver and stay in our own home as long as possible.  We had considered selling our home and moving to a Retirement Home.  We have friends who deeply regret moving to a Seniors Retirement Home.  They feel they have been left behind by the real world.  Our children are really happy with our decision to go with a Live-in Caregiver.  We get to keep our independence, and are safe and secure.  Our Caregiver is helping with shopping, meals, laundry and the house, and this takes the burden off our children.  We’re learning about another culture and enjoying new recipes. We enjoy helping Aloma to learn about Canada we’re happy that Aloma will be attending classes to attain her Canadian equivalency. We also accept there will be future replacements.  When it’s time for Aloma and future caregivers to move on we hope they will be fully prepared if they decide to stay in Canada permanently.
Donald G.
We want to thank you all again.  We are happy repeat clients and have been using your service for years.  The most recent Nanny is great and we have always been happy with your service.  As always we appreciate your help in helping us to pick the right candidate.   The process went smoothly and efficiently.  Thanks again.
Steven and Nancy S.
Our Nanny is working out really well.  Florencia is very patient with the kids, works very hard, and often takes initiative in planning out the day.   Florencia is a terrific Nanny and I can’t think of anything I would change right now.   Thanks so very much.
Rachel and John A.
We are very happy with our Nanny.   We found Westcan was really great at helping us when we had questions or weren’t sure about something.   I will recommend Westcan to my friends and co-workers every chance I get.   You really did a great job helping us to find the best Caregiver for our family situation.
Susan B
To all the staff at Westcan Personnel.   We want to thank you for the wonderful work you do bringing in fantastic Caregivers.  We are very grateful for you enabling Frida to come to Canada.   We are very happy she has fit in so well, and feel like she is more a part of the family than just an employee.  Frida is a caring and kind person.  The kids love her and enjoy being with her.  We had a great experience working with everyone there at Westcan.
Chrissy and Christopher P.
Khathey and team – thanks a bunch.   Thanks for being on top of things and meeting all the timelines from start to finish.   This is a very hectic and busy time for us – we couldn’t have done this without you.
Stephanie R.
Hello Khathey. We appreciate how quickly and thoroughly you have handled our Nanny placement. Thanks so much for keeping us informed and organized at every stage of the way. We feel like we are in great hands for the next 5 or 6 years of having a Nanny for our children.
John and Tara G.
We were very unsure of what we needed, but went along with your suggestion based on your knowledge and experience of other families with similar situations. A Husband and Wife team was exactly what we needed. We are more comfortable knowing that Mom and Dad are safe while we manage the Ranch. Dad and Frank are out daily on the tractor getting a little work done. My father is very content puttering around and doing odd jobs with the help of Frank. Mom and Rosa manage the home and meals. When we are on the rodeo circuit we can relax knowing our parents are safe and happy.
Wayne L.
Westcan Personnel really helped us and we couldn’t be happier. We found they really took the time to understand our needs and were very patient and answered all our questions. They explained the complete prodcedure from start to finish. It was very helpful in reducing our stress to know what to expect. Westcan made the experience of bringing in a Nanny pleasant, enjoyable, and smooth.
James and Carol F.
To whom it may concern. We recently sourced our Nanny from Westcan Personnel to take care of our three small children. The staff at Westcan were helpful and professional throughout. We are extremely happy with how things went and our Nanny is working out fine. We would recommend Westcan Personnel to anyone.
Sharon and Bill
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for finding us Angela. Angela is a true Angel ( lol ). Her personality is so calm, relaxed, and trust inspiring. We’re looking forward to Angela being part of our family for as long as possible. We greatly appreciate your help and want to thank you again.
Courtney F.
Hello to everyone at Westcan Personnel. We want to thank you so very much for bringing us Sonia. Sonia has been the best addition to our family and has exceeded our expectations. She is very kind, patient, and gentle. The kids are very taken with her and we can focus on our everyday career challenges knowing they are well cared for and safe. We feel like we have the best solution and everything is working really well. Sonia is very quick to learn anything we show her and has settled in to Canada nicely.
Andrew and Tanya B.
Thank you so very much for the great service experience. Jenny is a really awesome Nanny to our children – very kind, trustworthy, and high energy. Jenny is helping our oldest to learn to read before Kindergarten starts. Our daughter is thriving under her patient teaching. We could not be more pleased with how everything is going
Amanda and David Z.
Hello Khathey and the Westcan team. Thank you for all your time and work to help get us Marival. It’s been a real pleasure to work with you. We found your Nannies the most carefully evaluated and the information on your website the most helpful. We will give you a call when its time for Marival to move on. This was our first Nanny so we didn’t know what to expect. We feel very well take care of. Many thanks and Peace be with you
Jessica and Joshua G.
I just wanted to thank you for the help in our Nanny search. We are very thrilled with how things went, and cannot stress enough how happy we are. We wouldn’t have been able to do any other this without Westcan’s help. Our questions were always answered promptly and professionally. Navigating the complicated government paperwork was the key for us. We will take care of our Nanny Roselle and make her part of our family. Thanks very much again.
Jacob and Samantha J.
This is a quick email to let you know how happy we are. We are thrilled with Evangeline and the service we received from Westcan. Evangeline is the second Nanny we have received from Westcan. Thank you for the continuing support and advice. Kindest Regards.
Lauren and Brandon L.

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